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For an interior design to truly work it is essential to use the right choice of soft furnishings and upholstery. We provide the services of the finest upholstery team in Surrey, so we know the designs we make for you are going to look exactly how you want them.

The materials we use for soft furnishings and upholstery are selected not just for the right look but also for their durability. We believe a good fabric is always in fashion, so choosing the right one for you ensures both quality and style will last.

Colours, thread count and grade mean nothing without the right upholster which is why Victoria has chosen only highly skilled upholsterers here in Guildford, who are masters of their profession. You can be assured of the best quality as well as original and breathtaking designs.

As well as the delightful fabrics that you see, the art of the upholsterer also includes the best use of frames, springs, webbing, cushions, trimmings that make up the piece of furniture. Although we do a great deal of work in the home, we also delight in providing upholstery for boats and offices.

Once the frame and springs for a piece of upholstered furniture are complete, the work of preparing the covers begins. As well as using traditional cushion substances such as feather or down, we can also use polyester or hypoallergenic cushioning substances where the need arises. It is often thought that feather and down offer the maximum softness and comfort in cushions and seat pads. In cushions, feather and down can always be "fluffed up" to maintain an attractive look. Foam with a feather wrap is becoming the most popular option. 

A wide range of fabrics are available from the UK and Europe's leading fabric designers. Please look through our site for ideas, or view our suppliers page for the brands that we represent.

Contact us now or call us on 01483 568 865 for more information on upholstery Guildford. Alternatively, please feel free to come down to the workshop where we will be delighted to show you samples up close.

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